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IQOS - Iluma Kit

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IQOS ILUMA - The icon, upgraded.​

Introducing the IQOS Iluma, the next generation of IQOS heated tobacco devices that takes innovation to a whole new level. With its ground-breaking Smart Core Induction System™, the IQOS Iluma gently heats the compatible Terea tobacco sticks, each equipped with an individual heating blade inside, ensuring a satisfying and consistent experience. Say hello to a new era of IQOS technology with the Iluma.

The ergonomic, iconic design of IQOS elevated to the next level. With bladeless technology at its core for a simple and clean heated tobacco experience.

This IQOS device is ONLY compatible with IQOS Terea Sticks

  • Stylish charger with aluminum holder.​
  • Includes SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology​
  • 2 consecutive uses on the holder with rapid charge​
  • Easy insertion and extraction of the stick​
  • Rapid charging holder​
  • No holder cleaning ever​
  • Autostart​
  • Wide range of customisation options with accessories

Why switch to IQOS ILUMA?

  • Real Tobacco taste: IQOS ILUMA is specially designed to be used with real tobacco sticks. TEREA sticks provide real tobacco taste & satisfaction.
  • Harm Reduction: Switching completely to IQOS presents less risk to your health than continuing to smoke†. IQOS emits 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.**
  • Value: When you switch to IQOS ILUMA you can save up to £3,000 a year***.

What is IQOS?

IQOS offers real alternatives to cigarettes that deliver taste satisfaction and switching to IQOS completely presents less risk to your health than continuing to smoke* With science-backed innovation and support at every step, IQOS goes further to guide you on your journey to leave cigarettes behind for good. 

IQOS heated tobacco devices are a satisfying alternative to smoking that have helped millions of adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke. Unlike vaping, our range of heated tobacco devices heat real tobacco to deliver an authentic taste. We use our innovative SMARTCORE INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY to heat the tobacco, without burning. IQOS provides real tobacco taste and satisfaction, while emitting on average 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.** 

Backed by extensive research and clinical trials, our products are known for world class design and trusted quality you can rely on.

†Based on the totality of evidence available for IQOS in comparison with continuing to smoke.

**95% less” represents the average reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette. See Important Information on

*** Claim compares (i) the cost of smoking an average priced pack of cigarettes (with king size filter) per day, and (ii) the cost of buying an IQOS ILUMA One Starter Kit (RRP £39) or IQOS ILUMA (RRP is £69), and then consuming one packet of TEREA daily (RRP £6). In April 2023 the average price for a packet of cigarettes with king size filter was £14.40 (ONS data). Savings will vary depending on ILUMA model and Starter Kit selected. For further information, visit

We use your data to register your device with IQOS for warranty.

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