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What's in E-Liquids?

VapeHQ is currently changing it's entire range of E-Liquids, aiming to provide the highest quality products on the market today - in line with the VapeHQ Ethos, of course. But what's the difference between one liquid and another? In this article, we aim to solve all of your burning questions.

What exactly am I inhaling?

A liquid used in a vapouriser contains four main ingredients : Propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavouring.

PG is used in the majority of liquids that people vapourise. It's clear and slightly sweet-tasting, with a higher viscosity than water. PG gives a stronger throat hit than many other liquid mixes and is the most common form of E-Liquid available, but can cause irritation of the respiratory system for some people. It has been declared as "generally recognised as safe" for human consumption since the 1980s, and we have all been ingesting it in various forms for years within our food. Because PG liquids is thicker than water, but not thick/viscous enough to vape on its own, it is often combined with a thickening agent such as VG.

VG is a food additive used to thicken things up and to help preserve them for a longer life, commonly found in applications such as coffee and tea sweeteners and cake icing. Similar to PG, it is a clear liquid with a slightly sweet taste, but it has a higher viscosity than water and PG VG is used in E-Liquids for vaping as a thickening agent, preventing leaks and also providing an alternative to PG majority flavours. It is considered by some to be a more natural or organic choice of liquid to vape, giving a weaker throat hit, tasting sweeter and producing more vapour than a PG-based liquid.

Our current range of Pure E-Liquids is a 60% PG, 40% VG mix.

What's the nicotine MG rating all about?

As with your preferred cigarette brand, E-Liquids can come in stronger or weaker varieties. The milligram rating (mg) of a liquid refers to the amount of nicotine in that liquid. The higher the rating, the stronger the throat hit, the more harsh the vape and the faster your craving is satisfied.

Some people will want a nice harsh taste to their liquids, so they feel as small a difference as possible between vaping and smoking. These people should choose a mid-high mg rated liquid, as it tastes better for them and helps to satisfy their cravings more quickly.

Others will be happy to continue with a nice fresh, fruity liquid with a low mg rating. They will enjoy the sensation of still exhaling something, which still in turn satisfies their nicotine cravings as an alternative to smoking. There are even liquids produced with a zero mg rating for people who want to drop their vapouriser completely at some stage and are successfully weaning themselves off, using the visual triggers and experience of vaping to help satisfy their cravings.

How do I know which MG rating I should choose?

The nicotine level you choose depends highly on your current or previous nicotine intake with cigarettes. For an average 20-a-day smoker, we recommend starting on 15mg. This will give you the same level of nicotine and "throat hit" with each vape to keep you satisfied. As you vape more and more, you may find yourself wanting to lower your nicotine intake and slowly make the change to 0mg E-Liquids. 

However, if you are using a sub-ohm device, you will want to choose a lower nicotine strength. Most sub-ohm vapers tend to use anywhere between 3 and 6 mg. This is because, on an average 3 second pull on a sub-ohm tank, you are producing at least twice as much vapour as a regular tank. Continuing to use a high nicotine such as 15mg in a sub-ohm device will be incredibly harsh on the throat, may lead to a lot of coughing, and will almost certainly lead to a nicotine overload which can cause headaches or nausea.

Please note that this is not an overdose - it's almost impossible to overdose on nicotine by vaping E-Liquids as there is simply not enough nicotine content in E-Liquids regardless of power used or how much you vape.