Introducing the IQOS

At VAPEHQ, we’re dedicated to giving you access to the most cutting-edge products within the vaping industry today. At the pinnacle of smoking alternatives are revolutionary heated solutions such as the IQOS, a sophisticated device which uses real tobacco rather than liquid. By heating tobacco to create a vapour rather than burning it, the IQOS is designed to give you that genuine taste and experience without the smoke, ash or smell.


Less Harmful

The IQOS provides significantly reduced levels of harmful chemicals of up to 90% when compared with traditional smoking

No Smoke, Ash or Smell

By heating the tobacco up to temperatures of 350°C, the IQOS releases flavourful tobacco vapor and nicotine without burning

Sleek, Portable Design

Styled with a smooth, sleek and futuristic finish, the IQOS holder is designed to sit easily in your hand for maximum comfort and portability

IQOS Starter Kit

For IQOS newcomers, we'd suggest beginning your journey with our simple and convenient Starter Kit, which includes an IQOS holder, pocket charger, cleaning tools, power supply, USB cable and five boxes of HEETS tobacco sticks in your choice of flavours. We're offering this kit at the amazing price of £79, so join the IQOS revolution today and build your kit below.


Only £79

RRP £89