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Referral Scheme

Get £10 Credit When You Refer a Friend!
Want to earn Liquid Loyalty credit for just talking to your friend? With the VHQ Referral Scheme you can earn £10 Liquid Loyalty credit for every referral you make to VapeHQ - for both you and your friend.
So whether you know someone that might need help to give up smoking, or who you think would benefit from taking CBD, pick up a referral card from your nearest VHQ store and enjoy £10 credit each with each successful referral!
Terms & Conditions
Thanks for showing an interest in taking part in our VHQ Referral Scheme. To make this scheme fair for all who would like to take part and help others to understand the benefits of CBD or quitting smoking, please find our terms and conditions below.

1. In line with our in-store policies, this Referral Scheme is only open to persons aged 18 and above. Both the issuer and the referred party must present proof of ID when opening a Liquid Loyalty account and claiming referral credit.
2. To provide a benefit for referring customers to VHQ, both the referrer and the referred party will receive £10 worth of loyalty credit via the VapeHQ Liquid Loyalty scheme.
3. This credit is not exchangeable for cash and cannot be transferred to another Liquid Loyalty account.
4. The referree (the issuer) must have an active Liquid Loyalty account with VHQ. If you’re new to VHQ yourself, just ask in-store for a Liquid Loyalty account to be set up, and you’re ready to go. All required fields on your Liquid Loyalty account must be filled in e.g. Name, Phone, Email, Date of Birth and Address in order to qualify for both Liquid Loyalty, and the referral scheme.
5. To ensure the transaction is binding and that you both receive the benefit of this scheme, the person you have referred to VHQ must bring their referral card with them.
6. For the referred customer, a minimum spend of £20 applies for their first purchase. The £10 Liquid Loyalty credit is only redeemable on their next spend and cannot be used to part-pay for a purchase. Please note, customers are welcome to make two purchases in one visit!
7. The referree (the issuer) of the referral card cannot claim their £10 loyalty credit until the referred party has purchased.
8. If you are referred to VHQ, please note that you cannot be referred multiple times. However, you can refer others to VHQ and earn extra Liquid Loyalty credit each time!
9. You must redeem the referral at the store your friend referred you to, e.g. if your friend picked up the referral card at VHQ Mansfield, you can redeem your Liquid Loyalty credit at VHQ Mansfield.