What is the IQOS?

Manufactured by the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, IQOS (which stands for I Quit Original Smoking), the revolutionary IQOS device was developed to give smokers as close an experience as possible to the real thing by heating the tobacco rather than burning it. Receiving over £3 billion in R&D investment, the IQOS has been in development for over a decade and contains cutting-edge heat control technology.

The IQOS produces a satisfying tobacco vapor in a matter of seconds, without smoke, ash or that lingering cigarette smell. This provides similarities in taste, experience and visuals in comparison to smoking whist delivering the benefit of a significant reduction in harmful chemicals of up to 90%.

How does it work?

The IQOS is comprised of three components: a HEETS tobacco stick, an IQOS holder which heats the tobacco to temperatures of up to 350°C, and a portable battery charger with enough energy to charge the holder approximately 20 times before needing to be recharged itself. To tailor the experience to your preferences, IQOS HEETS sticks come in three different flavor profiles.

Yellow HEETS provides a smooth and finely balanced blend, Amber is made with a rounded and rich blend, and Turquoise delivers a refreshing and cooling menthol flavor. Each HEETS stick lasts for approximately 6 minutes or 14 puffs, just like a normal cigarette.

The IQOS innovation has enabled a significantly reduced levels of harmful chemicals of up to 90% when compared with traditional smoking, providing a truly unrivalled and realistic alternative. Across the world, over 5 million people have successfully switched from cigarettes to IQOS. If you'd like to be part of the IQOS revolution with us, shop IQOS below.


Can I use cigarettes in the IQOS?

You should only use HEETS tobacco sticks within the IQOS. Cigarettes and any other tobacco products cannot be used with the IQOS kit.

Should I always charge my Pocket Charger battery to full power?

The Pocket Charger does not require a full charge to work, so you’re good to go even if you’re in a rush. With a full charge, the IQOS holder can be used for up to 20 times before you need to charge it again.

How long does it take to charge the device the first time?

It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the IQOS Pocket Charger from an electrical outlet.

Can I use the IQOS indoors?

Whilst smoking is prohibited within enclosed public places and workplaces, these laws do not currently cover vaping. The use of an IQOS within a public place is at the full discretion of the venue owner, and consumers should respect the rules of any premises they are in and exercise common sense when using the product around non-smokers and minors.

How often should I clean my IQOS?

Cleaning your IQOS is vital to keep it working efficiently and tasting great, and we advise to clean the device after each pack of tobacco sticks.

How do I clean my IQOS on the go?

You can purchase IQOS cleaning sticks for on-the-go use, which are coated in a special cleaning solution, designed to gently and efficiently  remove tobacco residue from inside the IQOS holder.

How do I clean my IQOS?

Firstly, ensure your IQOS holder is switched off and removed from the pocket charger. Completely remove the cap from the holder and insert the holder into the long brush of the IQOS cleaner and give it a twist. Insert the cap into the short brush and do the same - and your IQOS is clean and ready for your next pack.

What do I do if my HEETS stick gets stuck in the holder?

If any part of the HEETS tobacco stick gets stuck within your holder, use the provided hook to clean the holder gently, tapping to release any tobacco fragments.