Built on one of the worlds most successful coil platforms the Cosmo coil is compatible with any device...
Our new favourite MTL kit! Coming in with a whopping 1500mAh battery this little stick has more capacity...
Vaptio took a long look at vaping starter kits and beat them all.Coming in with a whopping 1500mAh...
Vaptio - Tyro Nano
The Tyro Nano is the ideal starter kit - it's versatile, efficient and portable. Compatible with a series...
Vaptio - Cosmo Plus Kit
Key Features:  Powerful 1500mAh Battery 0.69-inch OLED display LED Battery Life Indicator Adjustable wattage 35W max output  Three...
A flush 2ml glass for the Vaptio Cosmo tank if you have an unfortunate slip. Please note: due...
Featuring an aesthetic integrated body shape with streamlined curves and exquisite specular trim, the Cosmo Plus 2ml tank blends the...
Vaptio - Grampus Coil (Falcon King Compatible)
Introducing the Vaptio Grampus Coils. These brand new, innovative coils are made from premium materials and are compatible...
A flush 2ml glass for the Vaptio Tyro's tank if you have an unfortunate mishap.
Vaptio - Cosmo G1 Pod
Vaptio Cosmo G1 Pod Kit replacement pods Available as empty pods or pods with 2 coils.
The Vaptio Cosmo A1 kit is a brilliant pen-style e-cigarette with a range of innovative features. Designed for simplicity and...
Vaptio - Cosmo G1 Kit
Key Features:  Compact, stylish and discreet  Powerful 1500 mAh battery  Adjustable wattage Adjustable airflow  0.69-inch OLED screen Top...
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