If you want to stop smoking for whatever reason, Stoptober is the ideal time to do it. Making the switch to vaping with VapeHQ today and begin your smoke-free journey.

For Stoptober, we're offering an amazing 10% off ALL starter kits to help you kick the habit, plus FREE Royal Mail UK shipping this month!
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Stoptober Starter Kits

The T18's bigger brother! The T20-S kit comes with a 1500mAh internal Li-Po battery. 50% larger than the...
We are excited to announce the next generation Innokin Endura T18-II.The first-gen Endura T18 revolutionised vaping around the...
Our new favourite MTL kit! Coming in with a whopping 1500mAh battery this little stick has more capacity...
Vaptio took a long look at vaping starter kits and beat them all.Coming in with a whopping 1500mAh...
At only 11.77cm * 1.97cm you can slide the PockeX into literally any pocket, bag or enclosure. The PockeX...
Vapmor - Vpen - Kit
Satisfaction is the name of the game for the Vapmor VPEN. With a maximum of 13W output, the...
Artery - Lady Q
This has got to be the most stylish vape ever! Mimicking a Chanel lipstick this little device will...
Vaptio - Move 60 - Kit
Vaptio - Move 60 - Kit If you love the Tyro or it's bigger brother the Cosmo, then...
The Minifit is here! We have finally found a pod system that we feel is worthy for you!It...
We've specially selected Vapor Storm as an upcoming manufacturer who make superbly built hardware that we can put...
Teslacigs - Falcons Kit
The Falcons kit is a great introductory to sub ohm vaping or for those needing something light and...
Asvape - Micro Kit
The Asvape Micro is a gorgeous all in one device to suit all kinds of vapers. Available in...
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