The Jeffries family have been brewing their own drinks for over half a century, all starting with Dennis Jeffries - pictured left.

Den was renowned for his home brews, cooked up by himself on the kitchen stove. Money was tight back in the 60s for a lorry driver with three boys and Audrey, his wife, to support; but there was always a jar - as he called it - waiting in the pantry when he got home.

50 years on, the third generation of the family are still bottling up, with six carefully blended flavours to make your mouth water.

All Jeffries E-Liquids are designed, developed, mixed, bottled, labelled and distributed from the UK.

Jeffries Vintage Vape range is fully tested and submitted ensuring that the flavours are safe.

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Jeffries Vintage Vape

Jeffries - Root Beer
Jeffries Root Beer delivers a classic Root Beer flavour.  Blended from a traditional recipe which is full of flavour and...
Jeffries - Orange Soda
Jeffries Orange Soda is an authentic recreation of a carbonated citrus classic that delivers on the original’s promise of...
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