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What is Heat Not Burn? IQOS, HEETS & More

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What is Heat Not Burn? IQOS, HEETS & More

You've been hearing about "Heat Not Burn", "Heets" & "IQOS". Let's explore what they are and if they're good for you.

Heat Not Burn is a new tobacco industry technology that has evolved in recent years. Its cutting-edge technology is a game changer for smokers seeking an alternative to regular cigarettes. Heat Not Burn devices give a pleasurable nicotine experience without the smoke, ash, or tar associated with traditional cigarettes by using specially developed tobacco sticks.

known as Heets, these tobacco sticks are particularly crafted and constructed from a blend of tobacco, flavourings, and other components. The tobacco is cut into fine ribbons before being compacted into sticks. The sticks are intended for use with Heat Not Burn devices such as the IQOS.
Heets are available in a number of flavours, including menthol, tobacco, and rich aromas, allowing users to select the flavour that best suits their tastes.

IQOS is a Heat Not Burn device that warms tobacco to high temperatures, resulting in a tasty, nicotine-rich vapour that users inhale. The device is made up of two parts: the holder and the pocket charger. The holder is a little gadget that resembles a typical cigarette and is used to hold the tobacco stick. The pocket charger is a small, rechargeable device that recharges the holder.

Users insert a Heet into the holder, this warms the tobacco to roughly 350°C, which is hot enough to activate the nicotine and flavourings but not hot enough to produce smoke or ash. The vapour produced from the heated tobacco is then inhaled.

One of the advantages of using IQOS and Heets is that (according to the manufacturer) they emit 90% fewer hazardous chemicals than regular cigarettes. This means that users can get a pleasurable nicotine fix without being exposed to the the chemicals contained in smoke. Heets are also biodegradable, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary cigarettes.

Another advantage of Heat Not Burn is the simplicity and convenience. The portable charger takes only 30 minutes to charge and can heat up to 20 Heets before needing to be recharged. This means that users may carry IQOS with them wherever they go without having to worry about running out of battery power or locating a power point.

To summarise, Heat Not Burn technology represents a breakthrough in the tobacco industry, providing smokers with an alternative to regular cigarettes. Heat Not Burn devices are a safer and more convenient way to have a pleasurable nicotine experience, and they are an excellent choice for smokers seeking a healthier and more environmentally responsible alternative. The growing popularity of Heat Not Burn technology indicates that it is here to stay and will continue to transform the way people smoke.


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