iQOS - iQOS 3 Kit

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IQOS 3 is a new two-part heated tobacco system that works hand-in-hand to deliver the best taste satisfaction. A newly designed pocket charger fits perfectly in your hand and holds enough charge for 20 single tobacco stick uses.

This is the smallest holder we've ever designed and comes equipped with our new ProtectPlus™ System for lasting protection and reliability.

Compact design

The new IQOS 3 sets a new benchmark for the IQOS portfolio when it comes to design and functionality, with its rounded edges and premium finish

IQOS Protect Plus™ System

Protection and reliability are the idea behind the robust outer shell to improve shock resistance, a longer battery lifespan and a newly designed door opening for improved reliability.

Click here to build your new IQOS 3 Starter Kit (includes 3 packs of HEETS!)