Innokin - Kroma Zenith Kit

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The Kroma and the Zenith are THE kit for Mouth to Lung users who want an overall refined vaping experience.

The Kroma is a compact yet ergonomic device that fits fantastically in the palm of your hand large or small.
It has a 'Real" 2000mAh battery. Innokin state this as they actually put a larger battery but you're guaranteed to get 2000mAh's worth of performance compared to other batteries that state they are larger.
The Kroma-A can hit up to 75 making it future-proof for your sub ohming needs.

Then there's the Zenith tank which our vote for the best Mouth to Lung tank available.

Super easy to refill!
Just twist the top!
Super easy to change coil!
Just tip upside down and swap coils with no mess!
In typical Innokin fashion the Zenith is a well built product that you can trust to be your trusty workhorse.

We cannot recommend this kit enough for those who want their nicotine intake in an easy to use, easy to refill and maintain fashion.