Aspire - NX75

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This is Aspires compact single 18650 NX-75.

As the name suggests this is capable of 75 and surprisingly it manages to fit in all the features of its larger 150W cousin the Archon.
This means custom ramp up profiles, temp control, personalised text and a host of other features, this is why it needs all the buttons! We recommend reading the manual on what this device is capable of as its a lot!

The difference between the Black/White NX75 and the Aluminium are 2 things.
The painted versions are a Zinc Alloy where as the Aluminium one is obviously Aluminium which makes it a much much lighter and more comfortable device to use.
The other difference is that the Aluminium version uses the latest USB-C standard which means faster charging and is reversible so you're less likely to put it in the wrong way or damage the port.

Does NOT include an 18650 Battery.
They are available here