Minifit - Kit

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The Minifit is here!
We have finally found a pod system that we feel is worthy for you!
It is refillable with your favourite juice and easy to do so unlike so many others out on the market.

This compact yet surprisingly long lasting 370mAh USB stick sized vape has such a fantastic draw to it unlike the other loose feeling pods we’ve tested that we had to get it in!

Small doesn't mean small list of features either!

It has the usual short circuit, overheating, over discharge, overcharge and over voltage protections as much larger devices and the best thing is that it delivers constant voltage regardless of how much charge left!

This will consistently vape from the first to the last puff!

Unlike some other pods or devices that don't even light up or just flash at you when low on charge, the Minifit has a simple 3 LED system to show how much charge is left at a glance.

100-70% = 3 LEDS
70-30% = 2 LEDS
30-1% = 1 LED
0% = Flashes 4 times

Replacement pods are here