Pure Essentials E-Liquid: Developed with the Vaper in Mind

The Idea

“Create a product that will help those newly quitting smoking, or that Vaping did not work for in the past.”

Essentials E-Liquids have been developed with the vaper in mind, designed with the idea that to quit smoking, you need more than just nicotine. With this idea we worked along one specific line of reasoning in our journey to help the public quit cigarettes, and begin their own journey into a healthier life.

The Hit

“More accurately emulate the sensation of smoking from the perspective of the E-liquid.”

We started with the throat hit. Cigarettes and vaping have a different throat hit, and it’s a challenge to not go back to what you’re addicted to. In standard non-salt e-liquids, the freebase nicotine typically have a harsher throat hit, whereas nicotine salts provide a smoother feel. By combining these two to create a hybrid freebase-salt, we pulled both forms of nicotine together to land an experience much closer to a standard cigarette.

The Rush

“Provide a more accurate experience, synonymous with smoking tobacco.”

During the testing of the throat hit, we also noticed another comparison that is often not mentioned - the headrush effect. A standard freebase nicotine e-liquid provides a slow and drawn out headrush, often resulting in new vapers vaping much more than they need and feeling unpleasant. On the other hand, nicotine salts provide a very quick headrush for the same nicotine content, which can often be a little overwhelming to some. Changing the scope of our project to incorporate this, we achieved not only a more representable throat hit, but delivered a nicotine rush that defeats cravings at a level desired by those trying to quit their addiction, giving them a portal into a healthier alternative for those who don’t want to quit nicotine completely, but want a better lifestyle.

The Product

“Craft a product that will not only deliver on helping eliminate the cravings of a quitter, but also provide a taste that will make them want to keep quitting.”

Finally, we looked at the flavours. These flavours were crafted through market research and the love and expertise of our flavour technicians. Personal preferences in e-liquid flavours can differ a lot, so we created a delicious range that aimed to please vapers from every category of e-liquid flavours:

The Menthol Heads
Ice Menthol- Sweet smooth mint with a pleasant cooling effect
The Tropical Seekers
Mango Mix - Rich authentic mango with subtle undertones of pineapple
The Tobacco Lovers
Tobacco Classic - Complex tobacco notes bringing people home to Virginia
The Berry Enthusiasts
Red Berry - Full red character with sweet berry mixes
The Dessert Hunters
Vanilla Custard - Sweet and smooth crème anglaise with a rich vanilla undertone.
The Complex Connoisseurs
Blueberg - Blue, green and cool. With subtle hints of blueberry and raspberry, tones of menthol and aniseed and a complexity rich and awash with ideas.

The Cost?

We believe that at a low price of £3.90, new quitters will feel much better about trying a product, coming in lower than most other premium products, and providing a gateway to a healthier lifestyle that does not break the bank. We've taken on the cost burden ourselves, to help you to improve your life.

Now available in Essentials 20mg and Essentials Lite 10mg!

  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Nicotine strengths: 10mg (1.0%), 20mg (2.0%)
  • Bottle size: 10ml

Shop Essentials and Essentials Lite today!


What They Say:

"It's the first time I have tried this flavour, and it's absolutely lovely!" - Elizabeth, Vanilla Custard

"I've used this vape for over a year now, it is by far the best of any other tobacco vapes I've tried. It's just like smoking a real cigarette, everything that goes into the vape is spot on. It gets a 100% vote from me, it's by far the best on the market!"- Palmer, Tobacco Classic

"Sharp menthol bite, really nice!" - Neill, Ice Menthol

  • Oct 09, 2020
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