What are all of these letters you ask?

MTL and DTL refer to the 2 different styles of vaping that exist.

MTL aka Mouth To Lung
This is more akin to smoking and is what all we'd always recommend for anyone looking to find a healthier alternative to their life long habit.
Popular with those who have smoked and looking to replicate their habit, MTL devices give much tighter drawers than their DTL counterparts and work best with higher PG (Propylene Glycol) E-Liquid with higher nicotine levels to replicate the "Throat Hit" smokers are used to.
We believe this accounts for 70% of the vaping market and once an individual finds the right device for them with a satisfying nicotine level their odds on finding success with vaping are drastically improved.
We always recommend visiting one of our stores for a one to one consultation service if you are new to vaping for our trained Vape Advisors to tailor your vaping experience to suit you.

Our PURE range of E-Liquid has been specifically designed with this in mind and has an unparalleled success rating.

Then theres DTL - Direct To Lung
This style has taken prevalence over the last few years as vaping has become accepted to a much broader audience.

You may have heard the devices for DTL called Sub Ohm.
This is just due to the resistance of the 'Atomiser' thought we wont bore you with the details for now.
DTL vaping is reserved for higher powered devices which atomise higher amounts of E-Liquid per puff for larger clouds.

Due to DTL using so much more E-Liquid per puff and generating that much more vaper the E-Liquid used is specially formulated to accommodate this.
DTL E-Liquid has much higher amounts of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) to handle the higher power and have very low nicotine levels as to not to cause massive discomfort to the throat.
DTL is usually preferred by those which smoking isn't a life long addiction and is more of a habit that they enjoy, possibly even socially.

DTL devices make much more flavour and vapour at the expense of battery life, E-Liquid usage and nicotine intake. 

DTL devices are much less likely to successfully convert a smoker in our tests mainly due to the devices not being similar to smoking and not giving a higher enough nicotine dosage to satisfy cravings. 

  • Jan 23, 2018
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