E-Liquid Safety - Statement from VAPEHQ Ltd

VapeHQ Ltd was registered in 2012 as a Limited Company, initially as an online business followed by the opening of 14 Retail Vape Stores. To date VapeHQ has 35 Retail Vape Stores, with over 150 employees and the company is ranked within the top 5 Bricks&Mortar Vape Companies in the UK. VapeHQ is a family-owned business and is fanatical about its people. We believe in innovation, creativity, and putting the Customer’s needs at the forefront of our mind.


  • Our mission is to assist in helping people to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, with customer-centric service and quality products the hallmark of our culture.
  • Our goal is to improve quality of life for all of our operators, by simplifying the approach to business life.


The e-Cigarette EU Regulatory landscape follows the strict regime of the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD). All UK manufactured e-Liquid products must be registered via the European Portal governed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), where an in-depth Technical Dossier must be submitted, including full Toxicological data obtained from emissions testing and signed declarations of conformity. All our VapeHQ e-liquid brands and other third party brands sold in our retail vape stores are compliant under European Directive TPD 2014/14/EU. The USA in comparison is still awaiting completion of their Premarket Tobacco Application (PMTA) regulatory submission process for e-Liquid product registration. As a result USA e-Liquid manufacturers still do not have to provide any information regarding toxicological and scientific product analysis. This leaves the USA market open for inexperienced manufacturers and/or retailers to sell products that pose a bigger threat to Consumer’s health in the USA.

VHQ Ltd has recently invested in a Flavour Creation & Vape Sensory Laboratory with scale-up e-Liquid Blending facilities. This give VapeHQ Technical team the ability to carry out in-house e-liquid flavour creation & contract lab testing to ensure our e-liquid products are compliant with TPD 2014/14/EU. As a continuous improving company we are committed to working with white labelling companies towards ISO9001/GMP blending&bottling manufacturing and UKAS/ISO17025/GLP analytical laboratories, with full accreditation planned for next year 2020.

VapeHQ Ltd Head Office in Mansfield are in daily contact with all our 35 Retail Vape Stores located mainly in the East Midlands in the UK. Our retail trained Staff are in continuous face to face contact with our purchasing Customers.

To date and for the last seven years VapeHQ Ltd Head Office and our VapeHQ Retail Vape Stores have not received any adverse vaping effects from our Customers using any of our e-liquids and/or e-devices.


Yours Respectfully,

Colin M. Stuart BSc MSc MRSC

Laboratory & Production Manager

  • Oct 31, 2019
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