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Provari P3 Satin [Manufacturer Refurbished]

Provari P3 Satin [Manufacturer Refurbished]

The Povari P3 is the top of the top.
Provari by Provape are the most regarded of personal vaporisers

Safety and reliability is #1
To get you off the dirty habit as easy as possible is #2

The quality of a Provari is immediately obvious.
Solid construction with each unit going through torture tests before leaving the factory this device is going to work for years to come.

The P3's power output of 20w may seem deceptively low but its more efficient and better engineered device to what is currently available. In our personal tests 20w from a P3 is like 26w in other regulated mods.

Power isn't everything anyway, if you can have a consistent hit just the way you like it every time, satisfying your cravings with a device that won't fail on you in the years to come you've hit the jackpot.

This is the P3.



In the box:

  • Provari P3 Satin
  • 1x 18650 battery