Is it better to buy online or in store?

We've had a lot of concerned individuals regarding our pricing model for our physical stores and our online one.

Online is cheaper than in store?
Our initial web prices are slightly cheaper than our stores because we charge postage at the end of checkout.
We currently do not offer our 10% loyalty scheme online so pricing has been adjusted to factor this in.
In store the price may seem initially higher but once postage and the lack of loyalty is factored in then it can work out cheaper to pop into your local store.

Reasons to go in store?
After factoring in postage and our 10% loyalty bonus purchasing in store can work out slightly cheaper.
You dont have to wait for the postman.
You can try before you buy. No need to guess if a flavour is right for you.
Personal consulation regarding which device is the one for you and to even test their performance.

We hope this addresses any concerns regarding the pricing differences.
If you have any questions, please email in here.