Festive Vape Meet 2016
On Friday the 9th of December, VapeHQ Mansfield will be hosting their first ever Festive Vape Meet! Mansfield was one of our founding stores when we were just starting out and with Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to spread the cheer and vape on!

It's going to be an incredible day with some awesome visitors, competitions, giveaways, free food and drinks and of course, all of your favourite liquids, devices, hardware and accessories!
Your chance to win big!
Cloud Competition
Are you a pro at blowing clouds?
Think you've got what it takes?
Or just enjoy making people laugh with your style?

VapeHQ are setting the bar for competitive cloud blowing for all you Cloud Chasers out there and of course all you guys who want to give it a try!

Need more incentive to enter? No problem, we've got you covered: we will be giving the winner a brand new LUX215 device and a Cleito 120!
Make sure to be at VapeHQ Mansfield on Friday 9th December!

Meet our special guests this Friday! - the award winning Dinner Lady!

Remember back to your days of school dinners? Almost everyone's favourite part of that was the desserts! Now, thanks to Dinner Lady, you can get the same great taste of those nostalgic treats in vape form!

Vapers around the world are raving about these liquids - and for good reason! Whether you fondly remember the sweet creaminess of a nice Strawberry Custard, or prefer to reminisce about the sharp and tangy Lemon Tart with sweet, crumbly pastry, there's something for you here.

Proudly sponsored by Double A Kebab.
The Keburger - a revolution in the food industry, freely available throughout the day!

We’re pleased to announce that The Coffee Cube Company will be with us on the 9th of December!

Only the finest quality coffees are used to craft exactly the hot drink you want - and even better, get them for free only at VapeHQ Mansfield for our Festive Vape Meet!

The vapour bus is coming!
Fully integrated with a state of the art sounds system and Vapouround resident DJ, the atmosphere will be jumping and ensure that the party never stops!
The main focus is obviously for vapers but smokers out there, fear not! With expertise and ease the Vapouround guys offer monumental advice to help smokers kick the habit.
And, if you hand over a pack of cigarettes to the Vapouround team they will give you a FREE vaping starter kit!

It’s gonna be a fantastic day down at VapeHQ Mansfield, so come on down! The bus will be arriving at 11:30am and departing at 4:00pm so there’s plenty of time for you to pop down and check out all the cool things going on.

Friday the 9th December - remember the date!